Econet To Launch E-commerce Application


Econet Wireless is set to virtually launch it’s e-commerce application, BidBuddie, this afternoon at 1530 on Facebook. The application will facilitate the interaction between sellers and prospective buyers online, while still maintaining the competitive nature of a traditional auction.

Different possessions are already up for bidding, including home appliances such as refrigerators and television sets being auctioned from RTGS$50.

Local celebrities have also joined the online auction with socialite Pokello Nare set to auction her popular monochrome dress that send waves on social media for RTGS$30, and songbird Ammara Brown will auction the red dress she wore for her Akiliz music video for RTGS$20.

The live auction application can be downloaded on Google Play for Android and Appstore for iOS. When registered, Bidbuddie gives users a 2 months free trial, which is renewable for a $1 per month after the trial expires, the payment will be made via Ecocash to ensure continued user access.

To sign up all you need is your mobile number or Facebook login details. Once logged in sellers can reveal the items they are selling (including photos), the reserve price and bid starting date. For those buying, a catalogue of best deals will be availed in the app as well, and they can just click on whatever they like and then bidding starts.

Bidding will be available for 24 hours.

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