Econet's Scratch & Win A Hoax?


I have recently been topping up aggressively looking for luck, it has not come yet. Now, I’m literally picking up these used Econet promotional Juice Cards and to be more realistic, I have not yet come across any card with these so-called  dual airtime.

Maybe I have been just unlucky! Or wait a minute, they may be hoaxing us up! 

Well, not really in that sense, they may not have poured any winning scratch cards in the system yet. Econet knows which cards will win, so yes they can control the distribution to the market too so maybe it’s a time issue.

By Gift Chirauro

 The new promotion on the block suggests that a fraction of the Econet subscribers have a chance to win through the new, limited offer product.

It is said that one million buyers of the $1 card or any amount via Ecocash will win free airtime.

With the festive season fast approaching, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has launched a promotion ‘Scratch and Win’ which will offer all Econet subscribers who purchase recharge cards a chance to win free airtime prizes.

‘This Scratch and Win promotion will apply on the special $1 physical recharge cards which have been specially developed for the promotion and any recharge done via Ecocash,’ said Econet.


In addition, this exceptional recharge card will have two scratch panels, one for the normal $1 airtime recharge key and the other which may have a lucky airtime prize.

Just been wondering, am I so unfortunate and who has luck on his side lately?

Have you won any of these purported bonus airtime? Lets share the experience…

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