Econet's New Campaign Strategy, A First Of Its Kind


Have you noticed the difference in the marketing approach that Econet is now using for their Buddie and Broadband campaigns lately in the newspapers and billboard banners? This is actually a catchy new edition of marketing that caught a techie’s interest.

By Marshall Saonga

Econet has revamped their Buddie and Broadband marketing campaigns to give a new look to the advertisements at offer for the nation. The first fact that I commend from the new campaign is the colours that are being put to use (pink, orange, blue, green and red), these colours are catchy and attractive if played around with very well, which is what Econet managed to do and it adds a little excitement feeling.


Secondly, having someone like Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe’s swimming sensation who broke records at the Olympics, as an ambassador for the product was a good move to make the campaign more interesting. Econet quotes, “Kirsty embodies the values of hard work, success and thriving to be the best which the brands stand for”, and that is true for Kirsty. As for Econet, I say it’s also true because they are market leaders though some may have different views, which I respect too.

The purposes of the new campaigns are so visible on the adds which inform on HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to various products and some of the benefits of being part of Econet, which is where all the mobile network operating titans battle the most lately.

Having the advantages and praises mentioned I leave no mercy to the kind of portrayal and marketing that the mobile network operators are practicing nowadays.

sim promotion

It is not wrong to do that without mentioning a company’s name, yet sometimes even if the name is not mentioned we know which company is being mocked, that goes for the SIM card that is on the last advert, PLEASE SAVE US!

Good Technological innovations from Econet, praise is on your side this time again.

Onwell Matienga

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