Econet Working Towards An IP Based Network

At the recently held Platinum Card and Suite launch in Borrowdale the Econet Wireless Zimbabwe C.E.O. Douglas Mboweni spoke about just how much progress Econet had made technologically from putting up base stations and equipment the country over, commendable indeed.

Alan Shirichena

However he said laurels aside the future presented exciting opportunities that Econet would wrest amongst those was an IP-Based network.

So what is an IP-Based Network?

IP refers to Internet Protocol aliases TCP/IP, the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). IP-based network components are nodes and links. A node being any peripheral device such as a computer,laptop, smart device or other network device that connects to the network.

Nodes utilise links to communicate with one another utilising packet switching unlike traditional telephone systems that use circuit switching.
IP a

The IP-Based network handles voice traffic, data traffic and multimedia traffic, it supports multimedia applications, real-time applications, transactional applications all adaptable to the user.

Connect IP multimedia service (IMS) make up the core of the IP Based  network. The essence being to have seamless communication. People connected anywhere anytime.

BYOD , Cloud services,  smart devices, social media all have different network traffic types likewise the ICT enterprise that are pushing the development and advancement of  MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) as they seek to meet the pressures  of meeting specific user requirements across varying devices in the smart era.

All this is a welcome development as it brings with it various opportunities for the nation as a whole but more importantly in downstream industries that will invariably play a role in initiating, creating, developing and implementing applications, employment opportunities and complimentary services for Econet.

Entrepreneurs arise, Infopreneurs cease the opportunity, Technopreneurs the ball is in your court…they is money to be made.




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