Econet Wireless Rebrands and Redesigns

Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunication company, Econet Wireless has rebranded, a move that the company executives said was meant to refresh and rejuvenate the brand Econet especially in this harsh and unpalatable economic environment.

By Tongai Mwenje and Wilson Mtetwa

Speaking to the media and Econet staff, the chief executive officer with Econet Mr Douglas Mboweni said the company was built on three fundamental principles namely Pioneering, Professional and Personal thus building the motto ” Inspired To Change Your World”.

Econet started well back in 1998 with Voice and SMS, before embracing the 4th Generation technology which supports Over The Top Services ( OTTS). In 2011, the company ventured into the mobile financial services under the banner Ecocash, a platform that has overtaken the traditional banking system. Now Econet is into Media and Ecommerce via Kwese Sports and Onwai.

The new brand has dumped the globe design  that used to identify Econet as a brand “inspired to change your world” with a visible red arc around the globe. The designers have tried to make the brand look simple but keeping the red and blue colours but this time with reduced clarity. The colour red according to the company COO Fayaz King represents strength or speed of innovation hence are always first to enter the market with new serives and products that represents strengeth according to the COO.

The daily bundles are now accompanied with bonus data that matches whatever amount you pay for. 50MB will get you an extra 50MB and 250MB will also earn you another 250 MB and so on. This according to the Product manager Melaine Mariri is only accessible via its over 200 WiFi  Hotspots scatted countrywide – free WiFi as You Go service that was briefly advertised early last month .

Kwesé TV has also been added to the data bundles lineup for daily weekly and monthly options. The bundle is actually free- priced at $0 so this could be a preliminary integration as the pay TV service nears launch.

Another change is with the ongoing 7X Promotion which now has monthly targets in addition to the standard daily targets that were unveiled when it was launched.

econet rebranding lead

To usher hope to their devoted clients, they have introduced a motto of hope ” Look Up the Future is Bright” to complete their re-branded package.

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