Econet Wireless Lesotho Partners Kirusa for the Launch of InstaVoice and Sports Services

Econet Wireless Lesotho has launched the popular InstaVoice Missed call, Voice SMS, Voice Mail and Sports Services in Lesotho by partnering with Kirusa, a global leader in providing telecom and social media solutions. The launch also heralds Kirusa’s inroad into the Lesotho Telecom sector.

According to AfricaScienceNews, these services will enable Econet subscribers in Lesotho to manage their missed calls, voicemails, and voice messages; and create an exclusive platform to receive daily soccer alerts and updates from their favorite clubs.

Over 40 mobile operators across the globe have partnered with Kirusa to provide an integrated InstaVoice experience to 100 million monthly active users.

Speaking at the launch, Econet Telecom Lesotho Chief Commercial Officer Maurice Newa   said, “Kirusa has a proven track record in the African Telecom sector. We are delighted to introduce its InstaVoice Services through which we can offer our subscribers a differentiated and engaging experience”.

He further added, “Kirusa’s InstaVoice Sports service is very relevant for our country as football is the top sport and most widely played game. Many of Lesotho’s top footballers have moved on to play professionally in South Africa like Bushy Moletsane and KopanoTseka.”

Kirusa founder and Chief executive Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick said, “We are thrilled to announce Kirusa’s inroads into the Lesotho Telecom sector. In Econet, we have a partner who shares our vision of a better-connected world, and we couldn’t behappier to enter Lesotho through this association. We hope that Econet users in the country will enjoy the inn ovative InstaVoice Services.”

Kirusa CEO Dr Inderpal Singh Mumick

With this launch, Econet subscribers in Lesotho can avail of a differentiated call completion service and an uninterrupted medium of infotainment.

The app, with its intuitive and unique chat-like interface allows the user to respond to missed calls and voicemails, through text as well as rich media.

With features like unlimited voicemails, content delivery over email, option to link multiple numbers, and message withdrawal, InstaVoice is transforming the missed call and voicemail experience, the way we know it.

Subscribers can opt for InstaVoice Sports Service to receive daily soccer alerts and updates from their favorite clubs.

These updates include team news, pre and post-match analysis, and quotes from team players and managers.

Kirusa’s partnership with ‘’ gives subscribers access to top content updates from Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc., along with exclusive alerts on players, matches, goals, penalties, and a range of other options.

InstaVoice Sports Service is immensely popular in Africa and provides updates on 40 plus soccer clubs, with 400 million fan sign-ups. Wires

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