Econet Partners ZOL To Make Your Home Safer With ConnectedHome

During their much hyped beyond the expo event, Econet gave a teaser of what the future would look like in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where they initially introduced the Econet Connected Home concept at the Borrowdale Brooke Golf Course last night. 

Though the Internet of Things has been a concept largely talked about world over, the inclusion of gadgets and assets to the IP Networks has dawned in Zimbabwe as Econet steps up efforts to bring homes to the Internet for remote monitoring, access and control from anywhere in the world.

By Shingie Levison Muringi

The deal has seen Econet Wireless Zimbabwe sign up with their sister company ZOL Zimbabwe, a high speed fibre Internet Service Provider where they will start providing remote security management of homes. Econet will slightly shift from their LTE Enterprise market and resort to physical fiber connections due to their robust and reliable bandwidth speeds.

Denny Marandure, the ZOL CEO during the launch

Denny Marandure, the ZOL CEO during the launch

 Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and ZOL will partner together in offering Econet ConnectedHome in all the areas that have fiber access. Their innovative solution will enable customers to monitor, control and secure their homes and properties via their mobile phones.

Earlier yesterday upon unveiling the new service, Econet Wireless CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni said the ConnectedHome is the most comprehensive home security system ever devised.

ConnectedHome is part of a brand of services for the home which will eventually include home automation and independent energy systems. First it was Connected Car, now it is Connected Home and Connected Health. He said with ConnectedHome, Econet wants its customers to be able to control household appliances remotely from anywhere in the world.

Econet Connected Home devices

One of the detection system devices used in the security mechanism

“At Econet we thrive in offering solutions that help people change the way they live and engage with the world. With reports of crimes such as house and shop burglaries, it is now more important than ever to improve home security for peace of mind, improve home visibility, and take full control of one’s home from anywhere,” said Mr Mboweni.

“You will also be able to open gates and close them using your cell phones. The system can also detect fire and water leaks that can damage or destroy your home. The Connected Home allows you to see live videos of what is going on in your home, using your cell phone from anywhere in the world. Econet plans to add automation to allow you to control devices such as your gates, doors and windows using your cell phone,” continued Mr Mboweni.

Econet ConnectedHome devices2

These devices operate over Internet systems

He said other conveniences brought by Econet ConnectedHome include, glass break detection, LP gas leakage detection, smoke detection, smart plugs to remotely switch ON/OFF appliances from a mobile application and rapid response in the event of any form of detected or attempted intrusion.

“The use of a mobile application alongside the service brings a lot of flexibility to customers as they do not have to be at home to view what is happening around the home. To all our valued clients and the public at large, we are open for business to assist them through the registration process at any of our Econet shops or ZOL outlets,” added Mr Mboweni.

All we can do is applaud this Econet team for their continuous vibrancy in the market and their innovation juggernaut is the best second to none in this Zimbabwean market. We are living in a fiercely dynamic world where technology is redefining the way things are done across all walks of life and the Econet team is pacing up with times to bring such technologies in the palm of your hand.


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