Econet Unveils EcoSchool For All Zimbabwean Universities


Today marked another first of its kind learning platform for the registered Econet, Ecoshool users. Econet has offered a University learning platform which enables students and lecturers to be able to access learning material from different Universities both on a local and global scale.

The EcoSchool platform  which has been running on a pilot test  at University of Zimbabwe in the faculty of science since the 28th of February this year, will finally be flying across all universities. After 6 months of testing,  Econet has launched the product for all the Universities in Zimbabwe. The EcoSchool platform is meant to decrease the high increasing rate of lack of education and learning material in Africa.

According to Ecocash Services CEO, Mr Darlington Mandivenga, The EcoSchool product enables universities students and lecturers to access over 50 educational websites for free. The platform is only those who are registered Econet users as well as those registered on the Ecoschool platform. This means that one does not have to pay to access these websites on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Considering the long queus in libraries especially in Zimbabwe where there are less textbooks to cater for all students on campus. Ecoschool has introduced 90% textbook tittles via the e-libabry platform where one can access softcopy textbooks on their Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and computers. Not only reading and studying will be offered by the Ecoschool product, they have gone further to introducing a Chat platform where lecturers and students can chat about their research and findings on studies.


The students can now discover modules from other varsities for a whole year free of charge, this means students can get sources from different kinds of universities for example one can access modules from University of Capetown free of charge. The issue of devices has also been addressed with a EcoSchool tablet which will be costing $135 equipped with the EcoSchool project.


Nothing goes without a charge for a rendered service, but this time I must say Econet has charged a fair price for this first of its kind learning platform. The Charges are as follows :

$2 per month for personal Smartphones, Tablets and Laptop
For the EcoSchooltablet it will be $6 per montrh for a period of 24 months

However the major disadvantage is that only Econet subscribers have access to this platform, this means that if there is a genius the circle who uses another mobile network service besides Econet there wouldn’t be any communication or access to the EcoSchool platform. This will mean only those who use Enonet have this privledge.

As of tommorrow every University Student who registers with the EcoSchool will have access to this learning platform. According to Mr Mandivenga ” Registrations are already being put in place at every University”. Thumbs up for Econet lets keep the ball rolling.

Onwell Matienga

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