What Is Econet Up To, Tomorrow? “Another First”

For the past four years since TechnoMag was launched, we only attended one media event at the Econet Wireless Head Quarters. Since then all Econet product launches and media invites were done largely at hotels.

Another point to note is that all Econet events we have attended lasted for not more than an hour. Most of them are usually 30- 45 minutes events. But this one is a full 3 hrs event.

Econet hands Over Vehicles to Parks And Wildlife at the HQ

This event is certainly not like any other Econet Product launch. There is something special about this and TechnoMag is already throwing many questions around.

From the advert, one can only tell that Econet is launching yet another data based products, running under *143# as it hinted


Experience another first from the smart data network!


Could it be some social media data bundles, or more data bundles for browsing, one can only guess.


Could this be interpreted as response to NetOne Noise after launching the One Wifi and One-Cliq? either way there is now so much interesting competition in the industry, which had gone into a deep slumber with one dominant player.

We will however keep you posted from the event.



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