Econet To Review Tariffs… Again


Econet Wireless Zimbabwe says it will be reviewing tariffs effectively from 9 August 2019.

The company sent a message to subscribers yesterday notifying them to expect changes in tariffs.

The increase in data and other services by Mobile Network Operators has been a result (among other reasons) of the ever-changing interbank rates and the devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar.

Econet has bemoaned the effects of the 18-hour load shedding on the business and they have reiterated that service delivery has been affected due to these power cuts.

“1300 of our base stations run on generators for over 18 hours a day and they consume 2 million litres of fuel every month. We only receive 25% of this fule due to the current shortages,”

“We require over US$60 million to upgrade equipment and convert our sites to solar,” the company has said.

Subscribers will only know tomorrow how much it will be costing them to purchase bundles.

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