Econet Should Just Forget About 5G, Perfect 3G First


Econet Wireless Zimbabwe`s Chief Executive Officer Mr Douglas Mboweni announced during the recently held platinum suite card launch that they are mulling the launch of 5G technology in Zimbabwe.

While byall means this is a welcomed development to keep the nation way ahead and par with trending technologies, I personally find the announcement itself to be way too premature and must simply  abort the plans, if any were made.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

While addressing delagates at the launch, Mr Mboweni said “The reason I talked about 5G is because countries like South Korea are already experimenting with some of these technologies and in Africa we do not have to reinvent the wheel but to look at what is being applied elsewhere,”

“We launched 4G network at the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in Victoria Falls last year and as we speak we are looking at expanding it to other areas. So it is part of our investment programme.”

Two weeks back, I was in Victoria Falls and I did not enjoy the 4G services as it was widely reported, while I greatly appreciate that not the whole of Victoria falls is completely covered, this should be a clear sign that more still needs to be done on the current technology that we have before we chase new technology.

I will borrow the words of a popular CBT Nuggets, Cisco Trainer, Jeremy Ciora, “Technology For The Sake of Technology is Meaningless!”

While most Zimbabweans are yet to even enjoy 3g technology, Harare included, the move will be nothing much but mere posturing.

Harare has many patches where 3G technology is still not available and in most cases devices which are capable are succumbed only to function in Edge mode.

The story may be even worse for other cities and towns where 3G is still the best they can get around the nation. Outside these perimeters they are spost where you can not even get the edge connectivity and at times there is no coverage at all.

4G technology is only available at trial stage or very few spots around Harare.

It would have been breaking news to hear that Econet is now talking of 100% GSM service coverage across the nation because the truth is we still lack this basic access nationwide.

My last drive from Harare to Vicfalls brought back memories of the 90s when we used to travel to the highest point of a region only to get 1 bar or 2 bars of  network signals.

These are the issues which our local service providers should continue to lose  sleep over and at-least for the mean time slow down on the chase for the latest trends which in most cases we are not ready to use or pay for, let alone roll out at national level.


Nicole Madziwa

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