Econet Sees Red as Subscribers Demand Refunds

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
On Saturday the 30th, Econet wireless Zimbabwe confirmes that its system had a glitch causing thousands if not millions to have their balances disappear!
This obviously could have happened at a much more manageable margin but things only went a bit out of control as thousands already currently (3250) are commenting on their social network (Facebook page)with both positive and negative comments flooding their posts!
The greater parts of the comments, well people are just not happy
Here is just part of the comments:
econet capture
Just this morning TechnoMag tried to get a word from their help line support and a lady who identified herself as Vallineta was kind enough to try and set things clear” Well this was only caused by a technical challenge we faced on Saturday the 30th and we are refunding such affected Accounts” she said .
We are yet to get an official position from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.
Well this may be a normal technical challenge but personally I have seen this happening before,two weeks back, just after topping I checked my balance and alas, it was 10 cents down!
This may be an insignificant figure but when you do the math multiplying it by the (8million ) subscribers well they could be netting as much $800 000
We are also never sure how many times this has been going on for either unreported or unnoticed!
I personally question their capacity to refund everyone Affected since they claim this was a glitch and up until today (3days) later some people are yet to be refunded although it has sent messages confirming the refunds!
Of course questions of deliberate cheating methods may be overlooked here mainly because of the Christian values Econet is anchored on and like what many folks usually say ” Zimbabweans love Masiyiwa but not Econet”
They seems to be much of loyalty for the Econet Founder, Strive Masiyiwa as opposed to the products his company offers on homeland mainly because Econet charges are perceived to be too expensive compared to regional and international standards though he (Strive ) is praised so much for pioneering the first private telecoms company in Zimbabwe.
The pros and cons of also having a corporate social networking platform or pages here are put to test!
If not properly handled these platforms have the potential to pull down any entity and for a big entity like Econet this could be really an acidic test.

As Technology in Zimbabwe booms, news can now easily spread and mass awareness platforms are being raised
What are your thoughts??

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