Econet Massively Slashes Data Charges.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Econet wireless has announced that it has now slashed its data bundles charges buy a whooping 86% to connect online using your Econet line.

With a current charge of $1 per every 10mb, now your dollar can really be stretched to connect at ease as one would be only charged only 14%, which is about only 1.4mb charged per dollar.

Econet wireless however requires you to first convert your normal airtime into bundles for you to benefit from this discount.

These are the first real signs and benefits of the latest fibre national installation completed recently by most service providers.

Zimbabwe is still one of the most expensive countries to connect data with and we commend Econet for such a move sending a serious reprieve to most users as the national mobile penetration is seriously rising above 97%, connectivity becomes paramount.

Our current broadband penetration however is still too low swinging at 35%.
We hope this sets the tone amongst the other broadband players too.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to confirm whether this was just a promotion for a set period or not by the time of press.

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