Econet Makes history, Partners World Remit With Ecocash.

“Were you having problems of sending money back home to Zimbabwe? Were the charges too high for you? Are you so irritated by having to travel miles just to send money home to your friend’s family and business partners? Today your problems are no more because they are answered by ECONET ” seems to be the catch line by the mobile network operator.

By TechnoMag Writer
A historical event took place this morning at Meikles! and this time through a business venture that empowers Zimbabweans who are in other countries abroad and those who are locally based.

Econet has engaged  World Remit to provide a money transfer platform to enable an individual from abroad to send money to a registered Ecocash user in a short space of time . The platform was termed to be SPEEDY, SECURE, COST EFFICIENT, AND CONVINIENT.
Not only is the platform convenient to the users but it’s also much more affordable with the lowest transaction charges so far in the market , take for instance for a $300 money transfer transaction via Western Union will cost above $20 and as for the Ecocash and World Remit transfer it will cost $10, this platform is available to over 35 countries in the world and good news is the diasporas in England, America, South Africa, Canada, China, Australia, Botswana, Namibia can now send money home without having to travel to any bank but as quick as opening your PC or booting your desktop and login to the World Remit website and perform the transaction to send money .
The world Remit representative quoted after being asked a question if theres going to be another telecommunications operators venture and he simply replied by saying “Econet is the best and we are only going to work with Econet” this means that those who use the Econet service will be the only ones entitled to this amazing platform.
According to the Ecocash C.E.O Mr Cuthbert Tembedza , “the Ecocash Transfer platform is not only for Zimbabweans but for anyone in the world to send money to a Zimbabwe in just a simple way of login on the website and performing a transaction, he also spoke of our relatives out the country who find it time taking costly to send money to pay bills back home to cry no more because it will just be a matter of login in the world remit website and perform a pay transaction through Ecocash. Thanks to Econet for having to change lives by the simple use of its service via the internet.

Onwell Matienga

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