Econet Introduces Personalised Numbers

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Econet Wireless has given subscribers the right to prescribe own cellphone numbers. In words, you can now bring in your own phone number to Econet, so long as it’s a 6 digit combination of your own liking.

Of course this does not come in Cheap, they have divided the phone numbers into 3 different categories depending on the type of combination, the easier the combination sequence the much more you will pay.

The first interesting category is the Unique Platform, This can accommodate only ten numbers as each number is the same digit repeated through out, specifically (000 000 -999 999) as the last unique digits of your number.

Since there are only ten combinations to get such a number, Econet has found it noble to auction the 10 numbers to Zimbabwe and last bid takes home the number.

The other category is the Unique Gold. This has a repetition of any three digits for example ( 111 222) or( 333 444.) It also has the counting sequence of (123 456) or( 987 654) , doubles of( 33 44 55) or (99 11 99) or even two digit repeats of( 33 22 11 ) etc. This category is costing $89 to get such a number.
Econet Gold
The last Category is the Unique Silver. This one seems to come with absolutely no limits so long as you either love your own combination or sequence. Numbers of certain sentimental value too can also be converted in to a cell phone number or probably for business, get the same cell number as your landline.These numbers are costing $39.

Although this really seems quite interesting, what could easily turn off some people is to know that chances are likely you are not under the 0772 network prefix, most likely Econet will be auctioning these numbers under the 0782 subnet.

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