Econet Hits Back At NetOne Vendor Bibs Accusations

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has refuted allegations by NetOne and other operators that they are stealing their competitors vendor  Bibs or aprons, but infact says they are simply introducing their fresh new ones into the market which the vendors love.

The move has seen both operators publishing press statements which were directly attacking  the other player, though they diplomatically called each other competitor as they tore into each player.

We recently broke a story that NetOne has got an Econet employee arrested for  confiscating their bibs, a case which is reportedly now with the Bulawayo ZRP, but Econet Wireless has just put a press statement denying the allegations.

In the statement, Econet erroneously mentioned that they have their “own vendors” whom they are giving new aprons a move which may have seen other vendors joining the bandwagon and dumping the old ones  from their competitor.

It seems the game is on, and we will keep you closely updated with the events as they unfold.

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