Econet Forgot To Say “We Are Sorry “

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

After facing probably the biggest tech glitch ever, in the telecoms  industry in Zimbabwe,  Econet Wireless Zimbabwe  could have  exited the  spotlight without saying  “Guys We are Sorry”.

As we previously reported about disappearing Econet  airtime, the Telecoms Giant in Zimbabwe by subscriber base, currently sailing at over 7 million subscribers  took itself for an acidic test when their billing systems “decided to “unilaterally “ deduct credit( airtime) from millions of its  users.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has not yet issued a public announcement, explanation or apology concerning the issue surrounding the matter.

This ofcourse, was not without some few explanations on their social network pages, only as responses- shunning their erstwhile favourite, Print media(Newspapers)  which they usually  use- to  disseminate “sensitive updates”

Details so far in the public domain say that this was a technical error causing credit to disappear and “ALL” the subscribers have been refunded.

econet apology

Although obviously some subscribers cried foul over insufficient refunds TechnoMag has reasons to believe that only a portion of the affected subscribers could have been refunded.comments

Although the Econet position, only refers to a glitch on a single day, they are other circumstances prior to their “ Zero Day” which users had the same problem, chewing their money.

Even after  this day they have fully acknowledged the error, yet  most people are just not eager to have an explanations or demand  guarantee that such a scenario will not revisit them again in the near future.

The subscribers have a right to know the full details behind this technical problem and an assurance to soothe the wounds.

It seems Zimbabweans too can be taken for granted, or rather can wait for time to heal every wounds as totally unacceptable tendencies even outside technology have happened with no citizen raising a question or demanding explanation

Such a scenario can be paralleled to our Zimdollar accounts which were just wiped out, and it seems we all still don’t care what happened to our so many zeros in the bank balance.

By building a -see no evil hear no evil culture, we are virtually setting a precedence that gross violations should be allowed to go unchecked today and tomorrow.

Relevant bodies which claim to stand for the protection of the consumers in Zimbabwe, ironically are also found napping on the job, in day broad light.

Companies owe their success to their clients and taking them for granted only detaches the clients from the brands they cherish and have helped grow.

As the fish grows big, it should be periodically reminded that its power is still in the same water, lest it forgets.

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