Econet Finally Joins the Bonus Promo

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has also recently introduced extra bonus airtime from every $1 purchase giving slightly above 100% for every purchase you make.

After a long time of sticking only to the dwindling Buddie Zone, Econet has added joy to its subscribers by introducing the new bonus promotion.

An ordinary dollar now has bonus of $5.65 while $5 purchase now has an extra of $28,65 plus 50mb free, almost doubling the amount but the percentage gap increase with the higher denomination.

Here are the current rates.

It was not clear for how long the promotion will last and the valid period for the bonus airtime .
So its game on as all the mobile operators are offering very attractive packages all for the subscribers to enjoy.

Here are the Steps you need to follow to convert your Ecocash Airtime into Promo Bundles
First Step

second Step
3rd Step


Last Step
error message

Unfortunately after running numerous attempts, we kept having errors as the system failed to convert our airtime into bonus bonus. The last message has been the error we kept recieving by the time of wring this article. It seemes To tell us we have so much airtime than we actually have.
We wait to hear from other users on their experience too otherwise for now, its Game-On!

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