#MondayBlues: Econet Finally gets The Zesa Ecocash Deal, NetOne’s Major Loss.

It is a public secret that the government, through the ministry of energy, has been blocking private players, specifically Econet Wireless from getting the ZESA mobile money payment deal to try and protect if not stimulate state owned enterprises to grab such an opportunity.

Yours truly enjoys sniffing around for the next big news to hit the market, and can confirm that finally the government has given in, Ecocash will soon add a biller code to pay Zesa from the comfort of your home.

The talks are reported to have lasted months of lobbying and resistance and finally, Ecocash will be cashing in on the market, a move which will lessen the chances of One Wallet bounce back to the market.

As a matter of fact, have you ever wondered what happened with the big NetOne, One Wallet –ZESA deal ? Well you still can pay through the platform that is if you do find the agents to cash in.

We made screaming headlines about it, and the potential it had including simple strategies to implement but it all fell on deaf ears.

Today Powertel, a ZESA subsidiary has managed to drastically cut the painful ZESA queues around the nation, with its payment system entangled around merchants, a move, which subsequently caused ZESA payment offices to shutdown as they were rendered irrelevant.

Of course the government has done its part, unfortunately the results from NetOne were not impressive, they can not hold it any longer but simply need to release the deal and sign up competition to allow the environment a fair play.

The question rather would be, is it not too late for Ecocash now to enter since almost every merchant is already enabling Zesa purchase?

Of course the mobile space is still unfortunately empty, as NetOne has failed to gather momentum or unleash agents across the country to offer such a simple service which would have allowed their mobile money to tremendously grow.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is soon expected to announce the deal, which is already near completion as the telecommunication giant , takes over the market by storm.

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