Econet Familiarisation Tour With Zim MPs

Econet Familiarisation Tour With Zim MPs, $4b In Ecocash

Econet yesterday called in members of the Zimbabwean parliament on a tour right round their infrastructure to allow them an opportunity to come close and familiarise with Zimbabwe`s largest mobile operator by subscriber base.

Just before the tour were interesting engagements and revelations on the history of Econet, its vision, Success record and  shareholding capacity related issues.

A delegation led by Hon David Chapfika travelled across  Econet sites where they managed to get closer to the mobile network operator premises and functionality.

During the tour the Econet CEO Mr  doudlas Mboweni said EcoCash has created over 30 000 new jobs and the mobile phone-based accounts opened under EcoCashSave are now rekindling the long lost culture of saving.

Econet Tour

“Over $4 billion has been processed by EcoCash to date and about 4,2 million people have been impacted by ecoCash, representing 53 percent of the adult population in Zimbabwe.
“The investment by Econet has made a massive contribution towards financial inclusion considering that its mobile wallet, EcoCashSave, now has over million accounts compared to about 853 000 for all banks combined.

There was also a site visit to their Willowvale Switch, this is one of  hub that connects all calls in Harare and surrounding arrears with a capacity of 1 million simultaneous users. Other switches are also installed around regions o serve the communities around them in various provinces.

The last stop was the Econet call centre. Thousands of Zimbabweans are employed under the roof where specially trained personnel give support in Shona, Ndebele or English.


There was a request by another Member of parliament to also include all minority languages or consider other call centres close to their provinces. Mr Mboweni responded that call centres are not confined to Harare but can be  moved anywhere where there is connectivity in Zimbabwe.

Econet also said it has contributed over $40 million to the universal services fund (USF), a fee towards the construction of basestations which Potraz has mainly concentrated to the development of rural areas in their bid to connect the whole nation.

Hon Chapfika thanked Econet for extending such an opportunity to them and urged other players to follow suit as they seek to come closer to the operations impacting lives in Zimbabwe.

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