Econet Donates Safari Trucks To Wildlife & Parks.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe today responded to calls of corporate social responsibility by the ministry of tourism and Wildlife at the backdrop of rampant wildlife attacks with the latest cyanide poising purging hundreds of elephants and other animals around wildlife parks.

The Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Executive officer, Mr Douglas Mboweni said  As a technological company, Econet pledged to work even much more closer  with the parks and wildlife authority to preserve the lives of our wildlife.

Mboweni presented two brand new wildlife safari trucks of an estimated $90 000 total cost to the minister of ministry of tourism and Wildlife, Honourable Kasukuwere at Econet Headquarters in Masasa.


Watch the Official Handover Here or more on that in Video Here Too

Econet also identified some solutions which they can help the wildlife authority with  by looking into  providing technology which can monitor in real time the movement and security of animals via GPS system with help of Radio-frequency identification (RFID)

Speaking during the official presentation of the  brand new safari trucks, The Guest of Honour, Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere deplored poaching activities and lack of responsibility by  some nationals

“We must do everything in our power to protect our own  God given heritage, and its our responsibility, we cant assign anybody to do the job for us.” stressed the minister.

Hon Kasukuwere also noted that the First lady, Amai Grace Mugabe has accepted the invitation to become the patron of the corporate social responsibility drive to spearhead support from the corporate towards the protection of our wildlife.

Mr Mboweni echoed the same statement and said “we borrow the present for our future generation, lets pass on our natural resources to the next coming generations otherwise we shall be held accountable for failure  and negligence.”

He was also prompt to offer 200 lantern lights when it was brought to his attention that most of the rangers are operating with minimum resources, the director general of parks and wildlife management authority  Mrs Romana Nyahwa thanked Econet for the gesture.

Mboweni donates Lantern Lights to Wildlife

Wildlife is a God given gift, if we do not protect it , we would have failed on our mandate as superior beings to rule and dominate, while the same power shall not be abused, Animals look unto us for protection” echoed the Mboweni



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