Econet CEO Douglas Mboweni launches book


Econet Wireless Zimbabwe chief executive officer, Douglas Mboweni, has published a motivational book “A Dusty Road to Success”  in which he shares insights into how he rose to success from humble beginnings and seeks to impart knowledge among fellow Zimbabweans.

The book was officially launched by Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe board chairperson, Sherree Shereni, at a virtual event yesterday. She hailed Mboweni’s Godly nature and leadership skills.

Speaking on Wednesday during a virtual launch of his book, Mboweni revealed that destiny was not rooted from where one comes from, giving reference to where he is at now against his “dusty” upbringing in Mwenezi.

“The Dusty Road to Success is something that emanates from my very heart, Mwenezi is a dusty area. When I went to school it was dusty, when l was going to herd cattle in the bushes, it was dusty and God picks people from the dust and He places them somewhere.

“The purpose of this book is simply to share my story from childhood to college and employment, including my current role as group chief executive for a leading technology company in Zimbabwe.

“I share my heart, passion and testimony with you, as a contribution to helping you live to your full potential, just as God designed before you were born… Over the years, God has taught me crucial concepts concerning the journey of life and the essence of true success,”said Mboweni.

In his book,  Econet CEO also inspires people through seven principles, which he said were also Biblical principles terming them as  IPEBSAL which stands for Identity, Purpose, Empowerment, Balance, Success, Action and Legacy which stresses the point that one can be successful if they find their identity in God, discover their purpose and pursue it with diligence despite their backgrounds.

Mboweni, is a long-serving chief executive of Econet Wireless since 2002, the country’s largest telecommunication company.

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