Econet celebrates Supreme Court Victory…What about EcoLife subscriber.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Do you still remember your quintillions in your bank account of the year 2008? Where are they now? Do you still think that anyone would still care to refund you of your hard earned money?

Well there is another one again. Do you still remember those valuable Ecolife points that you EARNED by joining Econet`s life cover insurance and you would get more points when you topped up with $3 or more?

What really happened to your points, did they just varnish in the thin air or someone is sitting on them. Do you feel cheated that after earning something some organisations, government or a group of like minded people will easily repudiate the agreement at your cost.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has recently announced its Supreme Court victory against its erstwhile partner, Trustco- a Namibian based company.

Yesterday we woke up to news that declared a victory statement for Econet “ In a victory for Econet wireless, the supreme court of Zimbabwe has ruled that a contract between Econet and Namibian based company, Trustco, to offer , mobile insurance (Ecolife) had been legally terminated when Econet accepted the repudiation of the contract by Trustco in 2011”

This backdates to a very smart initiative which involved Econet, First Mutual and Trustco to launch Ecolife.
Trustco, was involved as the company providing the technical platform between Econet and First Mutual in exchange for a fee for every Econet subscriber who was “properly” registered on the Ecolife platform.

Econet stated that a dispute arose after Trustco demanded payment for subscribers who were not “properly” registered for Ecolife in May 2011 as Trustco threatened physical termination of the line to Econet`s system If Econet did not settle the disputed figure within 14days .

Like wise Econet disagreed and allowed Trustco to terminate the line, which Trustco then wanted the termination invalidated through the courts, a condition they had previously successfully lodged through the high court but Econet appealed at the supreme court.

In a press statement, Econet stated that “The supreme court was satisfied that the agreement ceased to exist following acceptance of Trustco`s repudationof the agreement in June 2011. The supreme court accordingly set aside the order of the high court and allowed Econet`s appeal with costs”

Even after severing ties, the clients, the subscribers who are the owners of the brand would still need to be consulted, properly informed of such a decision lest we feel taken for a ride.
So back to the story, Congrats to Econet for winning a case you fought for more than two years and as you celebrate your victory haven’t you forgotten something.

How about our Ecolife insurance points, where are they? You completely forgot to mention them in your victory statement since the battle seems won. Are we going to get them back or likewise this is another lost savings.

We hope not so from Econet, a promise also yet to be fulfilled

This culture of taking the consumer for granted will have to stop somewhere and we wonder who will one day protect the hapless Zimbabweans and break this culture before we officially accept it as a norm.

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