Econet Asks Telecel To Taste Own Medicine at 10cents

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has recently dropped a bombshell promo by costing both local calls and across network at only 10 cents per minute setting the turf for much more mobile tiffs .

In an obvious gloves off approach against Telecel, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has introduced a way too attractive package currently causing noise on the social network.

This time they did not bother to hide their main target though, besides satisfying their client, attacking Telecel too seemed to be their second highest priority.

Marked with a banner that said no “…. Mega deal can match that….” It seems Econet took its time for a major blow back against its fiery contender.
econet 10c vs telecel

At the current cost of 10cents per minute, Econet has finally bowed down to pressure to add value to its subscribers via significant promos yet this time in a much bigger way.

Econet Wireless is not only charging within its network, it has taken the same approach which Telecel took and this time Econet seems to be making a prescription with Telecel in mind, they are officially now asking Telecel to taste their own medicine.

With 10cents across networks, well this is surely a game changer and Econet for the first time ever has to be commended for seriously slashing rates.

This however goes without saying compared to inter-network, Telecel `s dollar is still giving 200minutes compared to Econet`s which is still only at 10minutes.

We are also not sure for how long Econet wil hang on with this promotion.

Subscribers on the Econet page had this to say also
Econet fans respond

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