Econet Announces Free Twitter, Remembered To Poke Telecel


Econet has swiftly implemented FREE twitter, what Telecel Zimbabwe had previously announced , but delayed to unveil, a move which officially makes them win the, Another First with Econet Tag.

Splashed with a full page in the Sunday Mail, Econet pronounced their entry to the market, effective from today the 20th of july.

They came first and took the opportunity to tell their buddies in blue to “enjoy free twitter for a month #Tellsomeone”

By Wilson Mtetwa & Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

No doubt the hashtag #Tellsomeone in red was directed to none other but the boys in red who spoke too early before they could deliver, and Jab! Econet Hit Them Up!

Also In a statement from their website, Econet said that, “Econet Wireless is offering free access to Twitter to all subscribers on Econet Broadband,
Twitter is an online social networking platform that enables users to send and read short text messages. This free offering is valid for a month from …..and will be available to both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.
Subscribers can access Twitter through the website interface or the mobile device app for the duration of the promotion. External links outside Twitter will be charged at normal data rates.

To get connected to Econet Broadband subscribers can send a blank message to 145. For data settings send they can send ‘ALL’ to 222.” Said the message.

Simply said , if you are on Econet network, you can now enjoy Twitter for Free, both the app and the direct access over the URL.

So the question is why would they initially offer it for only one month, what’s the big deal?
To them its simply a promotion and a promotion should begin and end right?

Well for starters Econet does not give away “Nothing For Free!” they just don’t, or is it just cant.

The ratio of Twitter to Facebook users in Zimbabwe can be fairly be rated as 1:10 respectively, or even more, we truly have few Twimbos in Zimbo than Facebookers, The major reason, well can be attributed simply to according to our editor, “two different classes of people”.

LIKE Telecel`s Facebook Zero, we had hoped they will offer this one for free, but i guess Santa lost the GPS locator to the boys in blue.

Ok away from the usual Econet Chides, they deserve a hats off by offering such a service FREE of Charge, we probably need to keep them encouraged on such a course, hopefully they will be more lenient on other data/voice based services.

By making such a move, no doubt Econet has come out with a loud statement, as a company that appreciates the digital space of micro blogging tools like Twitter and the need to keep the nation hooked on the platform.

For a mobile operator with 9,075,925 million subscribers against Telecel at 2,459,369 subscribers every cent lost in give aways will kill Econet the most

Ofcourse the rate of Zimbabweans on Twitter if we are to stick to our rough calculation is roughly less than 1 million of Econet Subscribers and not more than 250 000 with Telecel, so every cent multiplied by subscribers will affect Econet four times much more.

For those who are naturally slow to catch up on the trending technology, well Econet has removed any reason for them not to be on Twitter, We are likely going to see a surge in the signups before the early Christmas expires.

So how will Telecel respond?

Will they offer it completely free or better? Worst case, they are likely going to abort the move, ignore it till the storm calms down then pitch it up later on!

Well this may be a regrettable move, It’s difficult to move Subscribers in Zimbabwe by promotions especially when they may be getting almost the same equal service so Telecel should just nail it while its still hot.

As for Netone, Well not much of any news or rumors has filtered in except that they really need to fight the State Procurement Board, if ever they need speed and relevance in executing their creativity in Pipleline.

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