Econet Announces 25% Discount on International Calls

[headlines headline=”h3″ ]Econet Wireless has Announced a 25% discount on their international calls slashing their tariffs to some selected regional and international countries for as low as 20 cents per minute, making it now cheaper to call international countries than it is  for local calls at the prevailing 23 cents minute rate.[/headlines]

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

From a tariff of 35 cents per minute to regional countries, subscribers can now go as much as 5 minutes from a dollar and VoIP will no longer be the only option for most Zimbabweans to stay in touch with their loved ones across the borders.

Although it could not be quickly established how viable,  such a move it is against termination rates, Econet will still be making a profit as they rather seek to retain their already gathered bigger chunk of the mobile subscribers.

With mobile penetration way above 103%, mobile operators have shifted their focus from fishing outside their territory to feeding their own fish from the pond as chances of  a big catch continue to dwindle.

In a statement Econet Announced that , “Staying connected across Africa and the rest of the world is now more affordable than ever for all Econet subscribers!

Calling friends, family and colleagues across the world should not break the bank and with Econet’s new international and regional calling rates, it won’t! All Econet subscribers can now enjoy reduced tariffs when calling an array of destinations across the globe.

Enjoy up to 25% discount on all regional calls to Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa.

Don’t dismay when you need to make an international call, enjoy reduced rates of $0.20 per minute when you call the UK, China, the USA and Canada.

Call now and enjoy these reduced international and regional rates!”

However, Econet did not also clarify whether this was going  to be a fixed rate, or continuously revised tariff for promotional purposes and how long it would last if this is a promotion.

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