Econet Amplifies “Mega Bonus” with Ecocash

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

Throughout this weekend , Econet is making noise over their fresh new “Mega bonus” where they have promised their buddies a 100% bonus on any airtime purchase made via Ecocash effective from yesterday.

It seems Econet has found a very smart way to promote  their mobile money system, Ecocash by giving their subscribers a 100% bonus specifically for weekends, and even better the bonus last for the whole weekend expiring on Sunday midnight.

“every purchase will be given 100% bonus regardless of amount purchased and number of purchases per day.” Said an Econet statement.

Even for data purchases too, Econet is promising a 100% bonus too making their bonus promotion very special a reason to stick to Ecocash.

This is a tough blow against the “creators of Mega bonus”, Telecel Zimbabwe who have just been given a tough one where they least expected it.

For starters, Telecel has not moved away from their major mistake of limiting their very best to only 24hrs, Buddie is giving this value for almost 48hrs should you top up on Saturday, your airtime lasts till Sunday though Sunday top us expires the same day.

The bonus also stretches to data, and regardless to how many times you top up per day you still get an extra free goodie..

It was however not clear whether this promotion would be running every weekend or as Econet did not give full information yet it only seemed as they were targeting this specific weekend for testing purpose.

econet weekend

We shall keep you updated on the developments of the matter as they continue to unfold otherwise, good initiative so far from the Ecocash team.

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