Ecofarmer Pays Crop Cover Pay-out in Mutoko

Recently in Mutoko, Econet Zimbabwe in collaboration with Cell Insurance brought provincial Zimbabwe Farmers Union leadership,  farmers, and agritex officers, Plan International, USAid, Mutoko Chief and Councillors under one roof to witness the Ecofamer Crop Cover Pay-out ceremony.

 By Tongai Mwenje

The event was hosted by Mutoko District Agritex department together with Mr and Mrs Gurupira who provided the venue for the function, where more than twenty individuals walked away with cash in their Ecocash wallets as part of benefits that comes with Ecofamer Crop Cover.

Ecofarmer is an application developed and designed by Econet specifically for people who are in farming business to provide them with advisory services via bulk SMS, that includes weather conditions, market prices for their produce and alerting them of any weather hazards. The app also provides every farming nitty gritties, like in some instances farmers are advised to make preparations, start planting etc.

For one to be registered as an Ecofamer subscriber they dial USSD Code *300# and it will take you through to Ecofarmer service. Once registered as an Ecofarmer subscriber you then become eligible to register for crop insurance cover. The insurance service comes in two packages namely $2.50 and $10 voucher per season.

It’s either you insure your crops for 2.50 per season or $10, the beauty of the product is that it gives room for one to buy at most 5 vouchers of each package meaning a farmer can buy 5 Vouchers for $10 each totalling to an amount of $50 for the crop cover. How then does it benefit the farmer? This service only benefits the farmer in times of crop losses as a result of maybe excessive or no rainfall, the farmer will get 10 times of the insured value as crop cover for the loss.

Speaking at the function Ecofarmer Manager George Mashiri said, ‘Farmers will benefit from the service when there is no rainfall for 24 consecutive days during the rainy season, the information will be provided with the help of our 23 weather stations which we have installed in Mashonaland East’. ‘This is a product that will help farmers to recover from losses during drought seasons’, he reiterated

‘Ecofamer has more than 300 000 registered farmers so far meaning the product is receiving acceptance from the farmers’, said Econet Chief Marketing Officer Isaiah Nyangari. ‘Very soon we will be introducing Ecocash Agro Merchant Shops where farmers will get cheap and affordable inputs payable via Ecocash’, he said.

Those who benefitted from the initiative received their dues via Econet mobile money transfer Ecocash, the beneficiaries are in two folds, those who insured their crop for $2.50 and those who insured for $10, the beneficiaries who received $25 and $100 respectively are as follows;


EcoFarmer Mutoko Pay-out Schedule


$100 Pay-Out


Name                                            Amount Paid                                          Mobile Number


Mercy Musora $100 0777 430 648
Mary Mujuru $100 0771 487 748
Shepherd Muyangwa $100 0776 216 179
Rudo Nyakudanga $100 0776 302 521
Annie Rinemhota $100 0772 686 968
Loice Chimhanda $100 0775 670 061
Admire Mvembe $100 0773 994 685
Gilbert Nyaumba $100 0774 846 864
Learmore Kanombirira $100 0778 753 338
$25 Pay-Out
Kesca Kapoka $25 0775 914 958
Rita Rinomhota $25 0773 098 123
Agrippa Chitehwe $25 0776 609 626
Precious Gurupira $25 0779 285 487
Blantina Ndemere $25 0777 429 234
Artmore Zinanzva $25 0774 451 209
Teclah Dekeshe $25 0776 769 035
Yanai Mariwo $25 0774 606 136
Tirivaviri Mukweza $25 0775 419 033
Charles Mataya $25 0777 422 364
Melfort Chasara $25 0774 825 344
Mudzengerere Mudzengerere $25 0779 476 396
Yanai Gwariwa $25 0775 328 370
Total Premium Paid Out $1250


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