Ecocash Partners Zinara For Express Toll Gates Payments.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has announced their partnership with Zinara, for toll gates mobile payments, as they seek to introduce express payment in a cash starved economy. 

Speaking to guests a few minutes ago, during the official launch, EcoCash Executive Head, Natalie Jabangwe said they have set the new Ecocash biller platform to run for only 15 seconds to process the payment by the toll gates.

A total of 17 toll gates around the country have now been activated for the mobile payment solution as we seek to connect the whole nation soon. This move is a first in the world as it actually allows you entry few minutes before approaching the toll gates and gives you express service by the time of reaching point.

said Natalie

Commenting on this innovative development, Chief Executive Officer of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Mr Douglas Mboweni said he believed the service would help traveling motorists to experience the convenience of using EcoCash while providing Zinara with a safe, secure and convenient revenue collection method.

“With EcoCash, we continue to give our customers the security, for our convenience, affordability and acceptability of mobile money payments to buy almost everything from groceries, furniture and fuel to vegetables at the markets. The partnership with ZINARA is strategic for us as we continuously work at finding solutions  our customers in line with the cashless payments adoption vision.”

Mr Mboweni applauded the project teams from both EcoCash and Zinara for working hard to leverage technology to meet the anational need, adding that the project was a great example of the power of public-private partnerships (PPP) in providing relevant solutions towards the development of the country.

“We appreciate ZINARA for their cooperation and commitment which has seen the deal coming into fruition today,” he said.

The General Manager for EcoCash Natalie Jabangwe-Morris said her organization’s aim was to support the government and the

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s efforts in ensuring financial inclusion by providing ease of transacting for all citizens everywhere.

“We have tirelessly worked on this world class innovation, following suit to developed countries where tollgate payments are pre-planned and pre-paid to provide auto access.

The state of the art value proposition is not the ordinary Pay Merchant but a specific solution unique to ZINARA, which allows users to link a mobile phone wallet with a registered vehicle for auto-detection and instant access at the tollgate.

The auto detection of the pre-loaded toll wallet at toll gate offers complete disruption to the manual payment method of cash and cards, saving motorists queuing time with a payment experience of under 10 seconds granting express toll access to motorists.”

To use the service, customers simply need to register their Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) by following the easy steps on their mobile phones; Dial *151#…Select Make Payment…Select Regular Payments…Select Pay Toll Gates…Register VRN.

Once a customer’s ZINARA Tollgate Account is loaded, they only need to provide their mobile number to the Cashier at the Toll Gate and the payment will be automatically deducted from the customer’s tollgate pre-paid account sitting on EcoCash.

The service will initially apply to the following Toll gates around the country; 22 Miles, Chivi, Dema, Esigodini, Eskbank, Hwange,

Inkomo, Lions Den, Lutumba, Mashava, Mushagashi, Naude Quarry Site, Shamva, Shurugwi, Sino, Skyline, and Umguza with plans to spread it wider in the future. Currently, toll gate fees are pegged at $2 for light vehicles and $3 for minibusses whilst buses, heavy vehicles and haulage trucks pay $4, $5 and $10 respectively.

Econet Wireless is one of the single biggest tax payers in Zimbabwe and has invested over US$1,3 billion into the economy since dollarization in 2009. Ecocash mobile money transfer service is currently used by over 6.8 million Zimbabweans with over $23 billion worth of transfers transacted over the past five years.

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