Ecocash introduces ‘Request Money Service’


In case your loved ones forgets to send you money or in the case of emergencies or any unforeseen financial needs, ECOCASH has introduced a new and convenient service that allows EcoCash users to ask for money from friends or family on the EcoCash platform.

The ‘Request Money’ service, is more like the ‘Call Me Back’ feature on mobile networks, which is a fast method of requesting for money,

To access the Request for money option , dial *151#

. Select Option 1 -Send Money
. Select Option 6- Request Money
. Select Option 1-Create Request
. Enter Request Details- Amount , Mobile Number ,and Reference
. Confirm Request

The Request Money service will be free, with the normal transaction and statutory charges applicable to the sender of the money, if they accept the request and send the money.

The good thing about this feature is that if one run out of funds, or having their card payment transaction declined at the till point in a shop, or when paying bills they can now instantly request money from their friends or family members, and receiving it securely and in real time.

Oooh nice
The requested initiates the transactions from their end so what one simply then does is to input his or her pin code after receiving the request then voila transaction goes through !

It’s a sure point of getting on demand money without one waiting , should they be in agreement with the sender, hence doing away with the waiting periods of anxiety


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