Ecocash hikes Debit Cards to $5

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money platform Ecocash has replenished its Debit cards which had been depleted across its agents and in Econet Shop,TechnoMag has established.  

The Debit cards introduced in July 2014 are back on the market, highly priced with a new design costing $5 previous charge of $2.

By Cisco Eng Shingi Muringi

The cards with a MasterCard facility instantly became popular to users as over 250 000 acquired them for they have the convenience to transact anywhere and everywhere.

“For your own information we are proud to say Ecocash has issued over 250 000 debit cards,” said Ecocash General Manager  Natalie Jabangwe-Morris in an interview recently.


When launching the card in 2014, Ecocash and Casavva chief executive Mr Cuthbert Tembedza said the MasterCard-enabled debit card would remove the pain of carrying large sums of cash across the borders and surely the Card has managed to live up to expectations. He added that it was the only MasterCard debit card linked to one’s phone.

“It allows you to pay for goods and services at over 47 million points internationally and 10 000 points locally,” Mr Tembedza said.

“The card came into the market at a reasonable $2 purchase price but due to the increase in demand, Econet has now pegged their newly designed Ecocash Debit Card at a rather unfair $5 purchase price considering the liquidity problems hovering around Zimbabwe’s depressed economy.,” said one subscriber. “This means that to every Ecocash user whose card recently expired or wishes to join the convenient payment platform, you now have to fork out an extra $3.”

The subscriber added that he got to know that the cards had been replenished by chance at an Econet Expo held at Meikles Hotel last week.

“My own Ecocash Debit Card expired in October and had to wait until last week to purchase a new one during the recent Econet Expo at Meikles Hotel. Yes, the card works across borders, anywhere in the world they say and my greatest appreciation of this Debit Card is that l have been able to instantly make my online payments in the comfort of my office or home,” he added.

Over 700 selected agents have been used as distribution points alongside Econet and Steward Bank’s branches. A customer can activate the card using EcoCash menu and can suspend and reactivate the card in the event of loss to safeguard one’s funds against fraudsters.

The most relieving factor about choosing the Ecocash Debit Card is that the number of debit cards issued would be monitored ensuring that “no one who demands the service was denied access”. It also offers convenience when making both local and international payments, with its Virtual Card being the most innovative international payment platform we are yet to see in Zimbabwe.


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