Ecocash and Telecash Tarrifs Hacked By Bendr Calculator.

Obviously inspired by looking at ways of transacting on the mobile money platform in a much cheaper way, This is probably a hack that will add so much convenience to those who would need to do away with some unnecessary charges.

A very good example is trying to send out only $60 for whatever urgent payment, On Ecocash you will be charged an extra $2.30 for that transaction, the App bender can quickly calculate for you another short cut of achieving the same purpose at a much lower cost, infact  you will only be charged a paltry $1.20 via the  calculator.

This is an application that allows subscribers to do Ecocash and Telecash transactions at a lower fee .

By Perseverance Tavagwisa




The Tariff calculator app thrives in making smart savings for people who want to send or cash out money. Most of the times there are two smaller amounts whose total is the amount you want to send but whose combined charge is smaller than the tariff for sending one large amount.

So the App hence calculates and shows you what those two amounts are that will save you the burden of paying the higher tariff for the amount to be sent or received!

There are a lot of other optimizations.What the tariff calculator does is that it calculates and finds the best optimization that can save you the most money.

Here is an example on how it can save you :


Example 1 (Cashing out $60 – ECOCASH)

• Cashing out 60 on costs about $2.30
• Cashing out $20.00 costs $0.60
• Cashing out $40 costs $1.20.


So say you want to cash out $60.00, it is clearly cheaper to cash out the $20.00 and $40.00 separately.

By splitting you get charged $1.80 instead of $2.40.

Example 2 (Sending $76 to unregistered customer – ECOCASH)

• Sending $76 costs $7.00
• Sending $36 costs $2.34
• Sending $40 costs $3.54

So sending $36 and $40 separately would save you a cool $2.32 ($7.00 – ($2.34 + $3.54))

The Tariff app is now currently available on Google play , you can download it here

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