East Africa: Technology Forces That Drive World’s Economic Growth

We are leaving in the world that is changing at a first pace, and technology is fundamentally at the heart of this change. The center of economic world is really moving very quickly, a thousand years ago it was in Central Asia and over the next thousand years it moved west through Europe and since the mid 1980s its been moving back in an accelerating place and by 2025 it will move back to Central Asia, at little north of where it started.

It is quite interesting and remarkable that the world economic journey, which took a thousand years now takes less than fifty, what this means from a regional perspective, is that there is rise of middle class, economic growth, increase in purchasing power and growing demands and expectations from the population.

Between 1981 and 2001 the proportion of people living in extreme poverty dropped by half and the speed at which economies improve and change is all underlined by the growth and enormous improvement in the development of technology. These improvements have been attributed to the growth of microprocessors, PCs and servers.

This has made advances of technology services to be more accessible and affordable among communities pushing technology deeper into businesses. These businesses have taken advantage to optimize their operations in supply chains, improve customer relationships in ways that never existed before, these has helped countries offer their services and goods across the globe, driving the world’s economy.

Today we continue to experience and see the same kind of opportunities with technology, businesses are experiencing forces like the cloud, social forums, big data and they are changing avenues at which businesses consume technology just like what the microprocessors and servers did 25 years ago. Technology therefore will be driven further deeper into the economies like before, productivity will increase, goods and services will flow more freely, power will aggregate traditional control points which will disappear, and more people will participate in the global market at a large scale because the entry levels will be low.

Technology companies therefore are working to help their customers get a way into this, by delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions into the organizations to aggressively be at the front of forces, which drive the world economies.

Business enterprises need power, efficiency, agility, to increase their productivity, better outcomes, better insights and they want them in secure environments. These enterprise demands results in what is an increasingly competitive world, for technology vendors, this means delivering solutions like helping out to set up a data center in a cloud architecture to modernize their business operation environment.

What is clear is that delivering effective value to customers is more than just setting up hardware and software, it involves understanding the industries which the customer operates in, understanding their needs for a solutions that can integrate easily with each other.

Technology vendors should be ready to transform, connect, inform and protect the success of its customers.

Source: http://allafrica.com/stories/201309260019.html


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