E-Tech Africa 2016 Expo Kicks Off, Healthy Conversations

THE Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services has kick started the e-tech Africa expo 2016 at the Harare rainbow towers, which is running under the theme “Creating a Climate for innovation and access to global markets.”

This year the event packed decision makers on a full day exchange program that saw value exchange and interaction between presenters, who generally came out fro the tech ecosphere, with the latest trending tech developing sectors like e-health, Telemedicine, e-government and e-registration taking turns to explain their current projects.

Anther first of its kind was the presence of tech hubs and startups on free exhibition, who were presenting their upcoming projects and prototypes, ideal to create a platform.



However the private sector was also heavily represented with both local and international players explaining various technological concepts they are employing to move the sector forward as they embrace the technological concepts.

The Chitungwiza e-health project could have stolen all the attention, as the first ever huge government project that is being run to digitally migrate the institution which is running on a wholly connected network, based on th ministry of ICT hardware infrastructure and SAP supporting system.


Amongst the presentations made today , here is what we have managed to quickly extract, in full details so that you fully understand


DR Dr Obadiah Moyo CEO on e Health in Chitungwiza

Dr Obadiah Moyo CEO

Prof. T C Bassoppo-Moyo, Dean IT and Multi-Media Communications, Zimbabwe Open University highlighted on issues regarding e-governance and how it is abused and misused in our country.


Prof. T C Bassoppo-Moyo,

He defined e-gov as the pervasive digital interaction between the citizens and the government and hoe it is rebranding the public sector in Zimbabwe, via result based management, computer based Delivery and control system as well as computer based Decision support system. prof. b. moyo

Professor Bassoppo also emphasized on how this system allows for government transparency, however it then brings about the lack of privacy for the civilians as they have to enter all their details on line and they become public accessible.

Dr. G Hapanyengwi, Chairman, ZIGF took to the podium and spoke about internet governance, he spoke firmly on apps that are locally made but most of the people do not use these apps as they are still stuck on the apps that come with their phones. He cited this as a problem of not supporting local innovation in Zimbabwe

Mr Zvanjanja a Cyber security strategist highlighted that there is no machine or any system that is 100% secure as anyone can intercept. in his presentation he noted that cyber security is more than an IT challenge but it is a business imperative.

Cyber Security 2016 Cade Zvavanjanja

Ismail Ali also took to the podium and presented on virtual banking, here is his presentation at the e-tech expo IIsmail Ali on   virtual banking

The CEO of Axis Solutions Mr Mukudzavhu gracefully spoke about taking taking services to the people,


CEO of Axis Solutions Mr Mukudzavhu

And another presentation By Mr simboga download it here as well 


Kwankam Telemedicine presentation – March 2016 v4

Mr Hasha S Maringe spoke at the event about e-waste management and said they are currently formulating a national  e-waste management, here is his presentation Maringe e-Waste Presentation @ e-Tech Africa Conference 2016

Eng F .gweme Defined E-waste   is a term used to cover almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) that have reached the end of their “useful life“


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