#Out and About: E-learning Takes Makumbe High's Standard To Another Level

There was once a time, way back into our school days at Makumbe High school when bringing a laptop or technical gadget to school would attract a punishment of elephantine proportions. I still remember at some point when students demonstrated against the school’s administration after they had confiscated our cellphones.

Fast forward to 2017, my recent visit to my former beloved school gave me an experience that left me in a state of awe. Not only have they adopted the computer revolution, but they have also given  the students access to the WIFI at the school premises. Believe me this would have never happened during our learning era in 2012.

In an interview,  the head master  Mr Talent Chiremba said the school adopted the use of technologies in their learning in a bid to improve the school’s pass rates.

By David Zvina

We first discovered our mistakes the time you guys had left in 2012 elaborated Mr Chiremba. As much as we had been afraid that technology and the internet would corrupt you, we also limited you guys from accessing relevant information that would have increased your pass rate. So as a school, we sat down and we decided it was time we did things the modern way and the results we received were outstanding.

Computer Lab block at Makumbe High School

In 2013 our pass rate rose from 83 percent to a staggering 89 percent and from there our success has continued to grow year by year to a state where we recorded  a pass rate of 98 percent last year for both A and O level. This is the reason why we have been in the top 50 list of high schools in zimbabwe for the past 3 years.

Being a former student at this school I still had the know how of how things operated at this school so I decided to  have a chat with Tinashe Chigerwe one of the tutors at the school. During the chat Chigerwe illustrated that the shift in worldwide computer usage and the need for computer skills in today’s workforce have pushed the school to create guidelines for educators to ensure that students are prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Since the computer hub  was commissioned in 2013 through the help of the SDA ,RCZ church and parents such as  member of Parliament  Oliver Mandipaka, students now get a chance to access the computer lab twice a week or even more.

We believe that as much as we value sport and education it is important for us  to value the technology and it should be embraced by our students  before we send them to the outside world.


Lazarous Jori the tutor responsible for the computer lab illustrated that now Teachers are tapping into the enhanced abilities of current classroom computer technology by utilizing various Web tools to enhance their instruction. Such tools are also being used to extend classroom communication outside of the school campus  back home even when they are on holiday.

We at Makumbe High School believe in doing things to a certain level of perfection. that is why we  live by the motto ,Makumbe ,NeMoyo Wose illustrated David Chikaka the deputy haed at the school .One student Leeroy Mandipaka said he believes if the school had initiated the computer hub earlier, previous streams would have reached a better pass rate than what they achieved.

We now a have a new motto that reads Mukumbe , technology ne moyo wose. And we urge other school to adopt the same structure for the benefit of the Zimbabwean child.

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