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E-education platform to enhance parental involvement in schools

(From the left) Blessing Mawere from TechCity and on the right Lovemore Chirongo

Tech firm, Designetics yesterday launched a free competency-based e-learning application with a strong emphasis on STEM, ICTs and Skills Development. Addressing delegates at the launch, Designetics founder Lovemore Chirongo said the company aims to produce students that are self-dependent and equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

“The platform will augment effective communication and e-learning, providing effective and world-class services as well as universal access to quality education for all.

“The platform promotes parental involvement through constant availability of information from the school, thus enhancing the school administration process to world-class standard,” said Chirongo.

The application has information and metrics that allow both parents and students to access an interactive attendance register, child academic and skills growth, assessment and end of term results, homework, school fees status and the magical chat with the teacher.

With an ongoing collaboration and at an advanced stage of concluding a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, DotEdu has a pre-funded initiative which sees the service being utilized by any government schools without requiring payment.

The game changing platform is accessible on Android devices, Apple phones, iPads and web browsers and also has an e-learning module which is there to bridge the learning divide between schools in rural and urban centers by giving access to quality content material.

Chirongo noted that his innovative application will even make things better for parents living outside the country to manage their children’s academic performance.

“Imagine a setup where every government school pupil in Zimbabwe is able to access quality revision material anywhere, anytime in the world and where parents in the diaspora are able to monitor and evaluate the child’s academic and skills performance towards a better education outcome,” he said.

To make things even better, DotEdu is in partnership with TechCity, an ICT company that provides an initiative for schools to purchase computers, tablets, smartboards on flexible payments for a duration of up to 24 months at ZERO deposit.

Icing the cake, DotEdu is preloaded in all TechCity devices, which automatically enroll a school on the DotEdu platform.

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