DStv Never Ordered Banks To Reject Bond Payments- Official

DStv has denied ordering banks to refuse electronic payments and bond notes, circulating in the local RTGS System, for DStv subscription payments, TechnoMag has established.

The MultiChoice company DStv said that they never told any banks to stop taking  plastic money and bond note from customers who want to subscribe their DStv account. In an interview with TechnoMag, Multichoice Publicity and Public Relations manager Liz Dziva MultiChoice Zimbabwe said they never ordered any bank to reject any form of payment as that is not in their jurisdiction.

By Miriam Kunjanja

MultiChoice Zimbabwe does not  accept payment for subscriptions directly from DStv customers and all payments for DStv subscriptions are made by customers to financial institutions, which remit these to MultiChoice Africa, the provider of the DStv service.

“The banks or financial institutions are the ones who decide the kind of payments to accept from the DStv subscribers then they send to MultiChoice Africa. The methods, rules  and decisions made by the financial institutions regarding DStv payments are beyond the control of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, although management engages these institutions on a continuous basis in the hope of influencing and encouraging them to provide services that are easy and accessible to DStv customers,” she said.

Most DSTV customer who bank with POSB, in particular, have been left stranded as they find it hard to make payments in US$ owing to the prevailing cash crisis.

POSB customers who spoke to TechnoMag expressed displeasure at the way the bank was treating them.

“Where do we get the cash from, our hope is the bank and yet they expect us the give them USD and not, bond notes” said one frustrated man

“We  have just  started to accept and use cards as an alternative payment method but I don’t know what the banks wants us to do if they refuse for us to use plastic money in their bank with cards they gave us, we can’t withdraw money and they expect us to give them money,

“If the bank doesn’t allow me to withdraw money, refuse electronic payment then there is no point in having an account with them,” lamented another furious customer

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