Drama As Fired NetOne Executives Declared Null & Void, but..


NetOne CEO, Mr Lazarus Muchenje could be in hot soup if Zanu PF wins the upcoming elections,  after firing top executives without board approval, TechnoMag has learnt. 
The NetOne board has professed ignorance on the fired executive saying there were not part of the consultation, while the ICT minister stated that he was still waiting for the brief from the board as only them  had the mandate to run operations at the mobile Network.

Sources close to developments  however have stated that a seating CEO can not hire or fire the Chief Finance Officer as this is only jurisdiction of the board, for transparency and independence purposes, hence the move is null and void. 

“He is now single handedly running operations at NetOone, charging like a Chinese bull in a shop, he does not have a prerogative to make such decisions” said the source.
However  other sources close to the development suggested that Mr Muchenje made the move as the ultimate power, since government automatically dissolves by Monday, hence there is no minister above him to report or reverse his decisions, till new government is formed.
The enacted board however remains running, till the new government dissolves or pronounce any changes
Information reaching us suggests that Muchenje may be hopping for a MDC victory, which automatically means that Zanu PF has no jurisdiction to change his decisions, or better off a ministry shuffle making his move unchangeable.
This technically means Muchenje can not be challenged by any board which officially seizes to operate Monday, neither does he report to the current ministry as government automatically dissolves.
What happens after this is highly dependent on the outcome of the upcoming elcetions.

NetOne Fires EX CEO and 9 Executives.

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