DPA's Solar Power Project To Save Zimbabwe Millions In Foreign Exchange


Econet Group solar power  unit Distributed Power Africa (DPA) says its Zimbabwean venture will save the country millions of dollars in foreign exchange on electricity power imports and on the costs of the importation of diesel generators and diesel fuel.
DPA Project Director Mr. Norman Moyo said the company had worked with top global companies, including US-based tech and renewable energy giant Tesla, to develop its solar solutions.
By Pearson Mbendera

“We have undertaken training in the US and we have taken on board international experts. And so we are very confident in what we can do,” said Moyo.

Describing DPA’s solar system, Moyo said it uses solar panels that capture the sun’s energy. DPA’s solar system also comes with a highly sophisticated on-board management system.

The DPA project follows a directive from Econet’s founder and group chairman, Strive Masiyiwa to step up efforts to make it easier for investors, both existing and new ones, to do business in Zimbabwe.
Moyo reassured investors concerned about the country’s power challenges, saying DPA would prioritize new investments and would be happy to discuss new investors’ energy needs directly with them.
“Our power solutions will meet the needs of any investment anywhere in Zimbabwe,” he said.
Solar projects are on a high in Zimbabwe, with the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) heavily interested in solar projects and having issued tenders for the various solar projects in Zimbabwe.
While ZPC’s solar projects are marred with a lot of controversies amid corruption and bribery allegations, DPA’s solar project stands to benefit from the fact that it is spearheaded by a private company whose goals have made it possible for the system to have no maintenance costs, as the entire system will be clean and silent, and would provide uninterrupted power for at least 15 years.

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