Double Camera Huawei P9 Comes To Zimbabwe.

Last week Africa witnessed the official launch of Huawei’s flagship in South Africa as the Chinese based smartphone maker officially unveiled the Huawei P9 to the emerging Market.

Huawei Zimbabwe likewise is expected to be officially unveiling the brand as well to the local market next week, as they introduce their latest flagship with a high spec powered gadget which ups the game from the Huawei mate 8.

While Zimbabwe smartphone users were wowed, by its predecessor, the new Huawei p9 is the smartphone that unveils latest camera technology co-engineered with Leica, finger print sensor and serious hard ware enhancement.

the double camera on Huawei P9

the double camera on Huawei P9

Speaking during the recently held Huawei road show 2016, the country sales manager Mr Robert Gonye said the Huawei beast will be hitting the local market next week after serious efforts of increasing their distribution partners and made so much noise on the branding campaign.

The Huawei P9 is going to be available from next week, this is the first mobile phone to have two cameras; one which is black and white and the other one colour. The device synchronizes the strength of the two different features to bring the best in quality for any pictures taken.

Mr Gonye said the P9 is a 12 mega pixel phone in a league of its own, with unique features never seen anywhere in the world. The mobile device combines its unrivalled features with the latest android platform and Huawei cloud system; a new integrated platform that gives one the ability to track their device by logging into their account once they cannot locate it.

While the Mate8 had a swift finger print sensor, the new P9 comes with the third generation fingerprint unlocking feature which is much more accurate and faster to decode to help secure personal files and unauthorised access off the smartphone.

huawei p9 crew

huawei p9 crew

We are yet to have to have a hands on of the latest product to compare the picture quality and standard that was set by the Huawei Mate 8, which was just unbelievable as it simulated flash and high smooth definition even in dark environments using the LCD technology.

The smartphone is a 5.2″ display size a standard size for most big enough smartphones with a Full HD screen running on a 3000mAh battery that is just but good enough to take you through a days work of standard usage.

The system software like any other Huawei phone is Android operating system running on Android Marshmallow , that is 6.0 which is powered by a Huawei Kirin 955 CPU .

The Huawei P9 will come in three different versions to cater for all those who are too spec savvy and want it all to those with a decent tone which will also set different market prices. Huawei will introduce the P9 Plus, P9 and the P9 Lite to suite all in its market.

Huawei have made a serious awakening to increase their brand reach and visibility, while recently they have been making so much noise with branded walls and shops across the nation.

In Zimbabwe, we are making serious in roads, we have got a distribution network of well over 300 stores, which work directly or indirectly with us, we have also partnered major networks in Zimbabwe and have our devices available on credit,” said Robert Gonye.





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