Document Support Centre Unveils Lenovo 11e thinkpad to Zim Schools.

Document Support Centre  onee of the leading ICT company and disistributors in Zimbabwe has embarked on the concept of mobile class rooms towards local schools, as they officially launched  their educational support hardware through the  Lenovo 11E ThinkPad durng the recent ICT expo.

The CEO of DSC  Mr Chiminhi was happy to announce that DSC will be handing out Lenovo Thinkpad laptops to schools around Zimbabwe as an initiative to encourage and make e-learning accessible to the nation at large.

Document support center‘s CEO also highlighted that these laptops will be considered school property hence they come with a safe that ensures the safety and longevity of the machines to the schools. He also mentioned that these safes are solar powered, this comes in handy in a country where electricity is becoming scarce.

Mr Chiminhi said that the new hardware is rubberized as a way of safety to the laptops, as we know how careless these young people could be, and dropping these laptops would make them unusable.

The CEO stressed that the program  has been received with tremendous applause by the schools that had already received these laptops.

This comes about at a time when Econet has launched Ruzivo an e-learning platform which enables students to access the internet and enhance their learning and knowledge scope, however it comes with restrictions which helps them not access sites that are not appropriate for young people.

If Zimbabwe had more of companies like DSC, and companies that push for [email protected] like TechnoMag, the world would surely be a better place and we could regain our post in southern Africa as the leaders in high quality education.

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