Discussion: The Impact, Opportunities, and Challenges ICTs in e-Health.

This Tuesday we are meeting again courtesy of the Computer Siciety Of Zimbabwe dicussing the Impact, Opportunities, and Challenges ICTs in e-Health.

By: Dr. T. Simbini (BSc, MBChB, BSI),College of Health Sciences

ICTs are transforming all facets csz ehealth flyerof modern civilization, and health care is no exception. Their impact could mean transforming patient-doctor relationships, information and medical technology access methods. We could be seeing new technologies in tele-medicine, tele-surgery, data mining, genomics and personalized medicine, as well as improved public health practice tools.

However, we face challenges of the complexity of the health care industry. It is a heterogeneous industry with various players whose systems are independent of each other. This creates vertical, inefficient and very expensive systems.

Our opportunities lie in learning from what other countries have done and develop systems based on national and international standards across the different sectors of health care. In addition we should have a well-thought out e-Health agenda i.e. e-Health policy and strategy.

Event: CSZ Summer School 2013

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