Demo-Africa Throws a lifeline To StartUps

As we had earlier on reported, Demo-Africa held a presentation yesterday at the Hyper Cube hub in Belgravia where they explained the criteria of entry into the Demo-Africa tour for young entrepreneurs who would like the opportunity to be part of the boot-camp.
By Sean Maqhawe Moyo
Demo-Africa is a Launchpad for emerging technology and trends in Africa. It’s a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas (tech ideas) to a large group of international financiers, buyers and investors.
Some of the global brands and institutions that come to witness the Demo-Africa pitch include Microsoft, Nokia, Motorolla, Google, the US State Department, USAID, Yahoo amongst others and this year’s event will be held in Nigeria on the 25th and 26th of September.

Speaking at the presentation, Demo-Africa representative, Mr Ali Hassan said that the advantages for entrepreneurs taking part in the pitch are numerous, and these include presenting their ideas to venture capital and angel investors, being acquired or partnering with big global players.
Mr Hassan also pointed out that even if one doesn’t win the top prize, which is US$10million this year, one gets to network with top buyers, investors, executives and other participants, adding that many demonstrators have sealed business deals on the sidelines of the event.
Besides the Corporate Developers, Acquirers, Buyers, entrepreneurs, Venture and Angel investors also attending, there is unrivalled media attention from large multinational publishers seeking to break technology news and this year 100+media houses from Africa and abroad will be present.
A total of 40 startups from across Africa will be shortlisted to demonstrate their business ideas at the event and registration is already in progress. The registration fee is US$30. After registration the candidates will then be screened to trim the total number to the required 40.
Those shortlisted will then go into a bootcamp weekend where they will be trained intensely for over 54hrs in the areas of public relations, presentation, technical rehearsal, onstage rehearsal and other coaching to sharpen and prepare them for the pitch.
Demo-Africa is a signature undertaking by the [email protected] Partnership standing for Liberalization Innovation Opportunity Nations Africa. It was launched as a collaborative effort by the US State Department, Demo-Africa, Microsoft, USAID and Startup Weekend.
[email protected] is a new public-private alliance to enhance and deepen the startup and innovation ecosystems of targeted fast-growing African economies. The initiative seeks to promote what it terms the 4Cs, which are Capacity, Connectivity, Credibility and Capital.
For those wishing to participate, registration is done on the Demo-Africa website: .

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