Deepleague Launches Mobile Jobs & Accomodation


One of Zimbabwe’s popular online classifieds, Deepleague, has launched new value added services that they say are a game changer in the Ecommerce and Mobile commerce in Zimbabwe as they now deliver the much soughted jobs and accomodation adverts directly to your cellphone.
By Tongai Mwenje

Deepleague recently launched what they term Mobi-jobs and Mobi-houses where subscribers to the services receive daily updates on their mobile phones.
Mobi-jobs is a vacancy update service where one subscribes to receive a minimum of 15 different job updates via the WhatsApp platform or sms.
To subscribe to this service, one simply has to send the subscription fee of just $2 to the Deepleague Ecocash MERCHANT CODE 63599, AFTER which one then sends a confirmation of payment to the Deepleague WhatsApp number +2638644062611.
After sending the payment message, the subscriber then receive a message which confirms the payment and they immediately start receive daily job updates for 30 days.
The Mobi-houses platform gives subscribers daily available houses updates over WhatsApp. To subscribe to this service, one has a choice of a week’s subscription, which is $1, 2 week period which is $2 and a monthly subscription which is just $3. To subscribe one simply sends the subscription fee to the Deepleague Merchant Code 74084 after which they send a confirmation message to +263773 108 603 and they immediately start receiving daily house updates.
In a statement,Deepleague said that the future is in Mobile Technologies and therefore they want to be the first to explore the hitherto “virgin” territory of Mobile advertising. Currently they don’t charge advertisers because they say they give them content and instead charge those that need the services and the convenience of it all.
Contacted for comment, a Deepleague Spokesperson, Mr Sean Moyo had this to say, “instead of going to look for a house or job, one now has the job or house literally looking for them. There is no more need to leave the office, home or place of occupation, as the service brings convenience. That’s the advantage that Mobile devices bring to us and therefore as start-ups, we need to tap into that market”.
He continued to say that theses Value Added Services that they have introduced are a game changer in the Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce landscape, as no one was doing it in Zimbabwe. He said that they had already finished building two applications to complement and drive the service and that they are going to be launched soon.
Deepleague are also popular on social media and their FACEBOOK page is one of the fastest growing in Zimbabwe, currently standing at over 26 000 followers, who Deepleague prefer calling partners. Mr Moyo once more declared that Deepleague is Zimbabwe’s own Alibaba, in reference to their admiration of the Chinese Ecommerce giant Alibaba, which recently made a record breaking IPO in the United States of America.
Asked how the response has been, since their job update services has been running for about 3 months, Mr Moyo said that the response is good and promising, adding that it is not easy to make people accept new ways of doing things, as some were sceptical, but those that had experienced the services were mow the major reference point and ambassadors of the initiative.
Asked why they only had Ecocash as the payment option, when there are several others on the market like Telecash, One wallet etc, Mr Moyo said they were still working on other payment platforms and would soon introduce both the Telecash and One wallet platform, as well as other ones that have been release to the market.
To get more information on the Deepleague services you can visit their website www.deepleague.co.zw or like their page on facebook, which is www.facebook.com/deepleague and also follow them on Twitter on their handle @Deepleague_Ads

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