Deepleague “CopyCat” Harshly Responds To TechZim

We received a rather emotionally  charged email from Deeplegue where they threw all kinds of insults to TechZim over their Dipleague article. Before publishing this email, our editor contacted Limbikani for comment and all he said is “my comment is the same comment i have already posted”.

Mr LSM Kabweza only responded by “Ahh Please.” This is the same same response he had earlier on posted on his blog  when “Zaniest” hinted him about the press release.

Zaniest lead



By Deepleague

We Deepleague were  not shocked to note that techzim or LSM Kabweza has not yet sobered up  on his unrelenting, careless unwarranted attacks on local technology players,  but this time we could not just  haplessly watch him as he provocatively and needlessly  attacked  our brand.

Kabweza produced a damning attack on our brand in his usual foolish writing when he insinuated that a public notice by Dipleague mailing list “against its “copycat” (Dipleague Facebook page) was a direct attack against our  brand, Deepleague Advertising p/l.

In his article headlined “Dipleague unhappy about fake Dipleagues on Facebook”,  Limbikani practised his usual folly by deliberately diverting an obvious message by Dipleague  mailing list against dipleague facebook, a Facebook clone of the same name  and carelessly dragged our Deepleague Advertising brand into the mud.

To any sane man, Obviously the spellings of the two facebook pages here are clearly different and so is the modus operandi.

While according to techzim the email sent by Dipleague clearly stated : “I would like to inform all members that this page, its creators, and its content and administration are in no way connected to the  “DipleagueFacebook Page,” Samir Shasha says in the email, “the fact that any person or group of persons knowingly created a Facebook page called ‘dipleague’ clearly indicates a lack of business ethics if not an outright intellectual property violation.”

It boggles one`s mind how limbikani managed to successfully and completely drift away from the focus of the email which was about the  dipleague facebook page with 15000 fans, and dragged our  Deepleague Facebook page plus our , LinkedIn Profiles, Google Groups, and even our official classifieds website into his mud.


It is always prudent behavior for one to be well-informed before one speaks!

Being well informed before speaking eliminates the risk of one exposing one’s folly to a hitherto unconcerned world. This rule applies especially to those in the media industry, whose purpose is to inform the public with foolproof and well-researched information and not mere personal opinions of the writer, which may be driven by purely unreasonable emotions such as jealousy.


The cardinal rule of journalism is that before one writes and publishes a story about an individual or an entity, one has to speak to the concerned parties and inquire for relevant information before one literally “runs their mouth” over an issue one is ill-informed about.



Failure to observe this cathedral rule of journalism results in plain mis-information, dis-information and exposure of the deep folly and lack of basic education of the “journalist”. In journalism there is what is called RIGHT TO RESPOND, and we wonder whether Limbikani Makani A.K.A Soul Kabweza is conversant with this principle.

This is the problem caused by unschooled techies who  by mere blogging deem themselves journalists, trading incautiously in a field with rules they are strangers to.


The emergence of the internet has birthed many pseudo-journalists who have opened up their own little “media houses” overnight, which is a good thing considering the unemployment level in the country but the major drawback is that the vast majority of these pseudo-journalists have no basic understanding of the profession and thus tend to write articles based on their personal feelings and emotions rather than verified facts; and that is when they are not copy pasting someone else’s writings.


One such “media house” is a small icts blog going by the name techzim, which claims to have been in existence for  over half a decade or so but has nothing to show for it and has been relegated to a very cold and dry place, between being an irrelevant nothing and a history-case of failed dreams being chased a one man party who can`t even organise a stable team to support his nonety.


It’s quite clear to see why techzim has become irrelevant, put simply its GUTTER JOURNALISM. These characters wrote a story that had insinuations against us  but never bothered to verify the facts,  when we clearly have our email addresses and phone numbers on our website, which goes to show just how they are not well-acquainted with the journalistic profession and the rules governing it.


Ours is a registered company by law, titled Deepleague Media & Advertising P/L, with a registered domain  and has been in operation for nearly four years now; and though our name may coincidentally rhyme with the name of another start up, Dipleague, its quite clear to anyone with a basic education that we are spelt differently, do a distinctly different business and share no resemblance of logo and/or meaning. We got no motivation or inspiration whatsoever from the said start up, which we only found out about only recently anywhere.


His behavior clearly shows that he, Soul Kabweza or is it Limbikani Makani, and his struggling blog are desperate for attention and have a real lack of content to give to their dwindling number of readers. In short his pot shots are a cry of desperation for attention.


“Deep” and “Dip” are two different words with totally different meanings. Presumed modification is merely an opinion and not a fact.  There is another startup which is even more in our line of work than the said Dipleague, which is ZimLeague. Now since Zimleague rhymes with Dipleague or even Deepleague does that mean that they also copied the name and modified? I don’t know but I seriously doubt it.


We know of a classifieds website called which has been in existence for some time and yet techzim had no qualms about Alpha Media House registering their own that is called why? Are they also going to accuse Alpha Media of being “fake” or “copy cat”for registering


Its clear to see that the pseudo-journalist at techzim haven’t been introduced to the art of critical thinking and the noble values of thorough research. This is especially sad when one notes that the behavior is exhibited by the owner of techzim.  No wonder they have been deserted by many of their former readers and advertisers.


Our sources of inspiration and origin of company name, logo, mission and date of inception can be disclosed to them free of charge should they so request. Concerning our existence however, we can rest assure them that we are not here to play games and they have the democratic right to wish us out of existence but unfortunately that will not be happening, and so it’s wise to get used to that and save themselves unnecessary disappointment and heartache.

I have been a follower of one ICTs blog that bears stark resemblance in name, to that of techzim and their name is  Is it proper then to claim that techzim are a fake replica of Techzimo? Here is that link to Techzimo

In his response he only posted:

Limbikani response. PNG





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