DCA Extends Invitation To Africa Data Centre Association


Data Centre Africa is calling on owners, suppliers or vendors of both single- or multi tenant data centres to join the Africa Data Centre Association (ADA).

In an email, Data Centre Africa Chairman, Dr Dunny Derera urged people to join the association so as to increase awareness for data centres and their importance in the African economy.

By Pearson Mbendera

In spite of their importance to the African economy, data centres are still underexposed in the media, politics, governments and society. We believe the data centre industry deserves a proper representation in these fields,” said Dr Derera.

Membership is open to all, especially the owners, suppliers or vendors of both single- or multi tenant data centres.

We are open to members that are owners, suppliers or vendors of both single- or multi tenant data centres. We welcome partners from the entire digital infrastructure sector. Members and partners will benefit from ADA’s services and activities,” says ADA.

That’s why we founded the Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) – the Trade Association for data centres in Africa.

The Africa Data Centre Association was formed to tackle some of the misconceptions people have with regards to Data Centres as well as presenting people with the many benefits that corporations, governments and economies can derive from Data Centres.

Data Centre Africa successfully hosted the Data Centre Africa Expo in February 2018 in Victoria Falls, with the organizer, Dr Dunny Derera calling Zimbabwe a country with the potential of being the digital hub of Southern Africa.

To increase the awareness of data centres, they ran a 2-day Certified Data Centre Professional course. After a successful training session in Victoria Falls, they planned to have another 2-day training session in Harare in April, but the lack of interest in the country forced them to postpone the training session to August.

The African Data Centre Association connects leading African data centres to each other to stimulate economic growth and to promote and represent the sector to media, politics and society.

The organisation is open to hearing from anyone who is willing to join the association, “As the Trade Association of the African data centre industry, we are always open for talks with anyone working in the industry.”

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