Day 1: ICT Africa Goes Live!

Yesterday was the first day (Day zero) seeing most exhibitors finished putting up their play and people were still trickling in to visit stands by the time TechnoMag attended the exhibition.

We interviewed quite a number of exhibitors and the general response was “we are happy, the response is fine and as day 1, its quite encouraging and we expect to market our products/services to a much larger audience as the days progress.”

Generally the event, just like any other year attracted quiet a good number of exhibitors but it seemed this year had slightly a less number proved by the absence of some SMEs which were quiet predominant in the previous session.

However all the technology giants in telecoms like always pitched up for the event proving the relevance and importance of the exhibition.

Unlike Last year, Econet is doing it on a very low note this year, they have picked a modest area size, plus low support reps while their stand is still quiet exquisite, probably the best back drop as it stands.

Companies across the hardware, software, service providers and many more are already set for the 3 day annual technological exhibition conference .

We shall fill you in as the day progresses

Here is more in pictures.

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