Who Is Darlick Marandure? As He Gets Recognition.

Zimpaper’s Chief Technology Officer Darlick Marandure, was last week awarded the IT and Innovation Leader of the year Award, 2017 at the Megafest Awards held last week in Harare.

At the same event Zimpapers also won the best outstanding media company award. The company has been doing well at a time traditional media is under technological threat!

This just got us thinking, who the heck is this guy? Where did he come from, and whats cooking in his head?

darlick Marandure

The versatile Darlick  has won multiple hats at Zimpapers due to his knowledge of both business operations as well as technology. He  has been instrumental in laying the foundation for the success of that company.

“Our customers spend their hard earned dollars on our products and as a result they expect to get not only quality products but also exceptional customer service in the process. The success of any business is dependent on delivering both. And it takes a motivated workforce to be able to deliver both repeatedly.” said Mr Marandure.

So not only has he contributed to the growth of digital but he has also helped run operations for some of the units enabling them to adopt solid business processes that have allowed them to grow.

Mr. Marandure was Acting GM of Star FM for a year from 2014 to 2015 laying the foundation for the turnaround of that business. Darlick  also assisted with the newspaper division running Harare branch for 7 months following the departure of that branch’s GM.

While in the USA where he lived for 18 years, Mr. Marandure continued his career working for companies which included IBM, Pfizer, and Schering Plough before joining Mars Information Services (a division of Mars Incorporated) where he rose through the ranks to the position of Director of Global Technology Programs, a position he held until he left the USA to return home in early 2013.

At Mars Information Services, one of his major accomplishments was leading the biggest technological transformation that Mars Inc. had undergone through a US$105 million programme to create a single technological platform for the new Mars Inc. to operate on after they acquired Wrigley’s and a few other smaller companies.

Mr Marandure said one of his biggest learnings from working in the US was being able to appreciate the contributions of employees to a business, realizing that the quality products and service can only be delivered by a motivated, energized workforce.

Upon his return to Zimbabwe, Mr. Marandure joined Zimpapers as the group’s first ever Chief Technology Officer, a position he holds today. However due to his ability to effectively transform businesses and motivate employees, Mr. Marandure was seconded to run Star FM as the Acting GM from 2014 into 2015. Mr. Marandure ran the station for 12 months turning around the fortunes of the ailing radio station (which back then was ranked 4th on the Zamps Survey) and today it is the number one station in the nation.

Mr Marandure holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe where he graduated in 1993, a Masters in Business Administration from Howard University in Washington DC (1999), and a Masters in Information Systems Management degree from Keller Graduate School in the USA (2010), a degree which he was awarded with a distinction.

He is ITIL certified and is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Darlick is married to Busisiwe (who holds an MBA from University of Maryland USA) who is the Executive Director and Country Manager of Boost Fellowship/Enactus and together they have three young boys.

In his acceptance speech  Marandure expressed gratitude to his fellow Zimpapers associates who are a key part of the work being done there in order for the company to succeed in this environment. He also thanked his parents who always challenged him and his siblings to be the best they can be regardless of the circumstances they faced while growing up.

Mr. Marandure also took time to agree with the guest speaker of the night Mr. Arthur Marara adding that as a people we need to work hard in order to bring about the economic turnaround that we want to see in Zimbabwe.

The MegaFest Business Awards which ran under the theme Appreciating Business: Honoring Leadership are aimed at honoring and recognizing outstanding and exceptional leadership in the country.

Zimpapers is the leading publishing company in the country publishing The Herald, The Sunday Mail, the Chronicle, The Manica Post, Sunday News, H-Metro, B-Metro, Kwayedza, as well as the two radio stations Starfm and the new baby Capitalk.

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