#Out And About: Danhiko Transforming Zimbabwean Youths

Danhiko institution  has over the years managed to provide the disadvantaged with an opportunity to learn the modern ways of technology, embrace them and make a suitable living out of them.

Located in Masasa, Danhiko was founded in 1981 soon after zimbabwe had attained its independence and has been changing lives of those living with  various disabilities  by providing necessary education in the science and technology department.

By David Zvina

A recent visit to the institution showed us a glance of the work that is being done in a bid to transform lives of the disadvantaged and the able bodied people. 

Mrs Elizabeth Dekune said, “Danhiko is the name of a training centre which was set up in Harare in 1981 in the wake of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle, initially to provide education for ex-combatants who had returned from war having sustained injuries.

“Danhiko Project  encourages the  underprivileged people to exercise their responsibilities and participate actively and positively in their communities by providing orientation, technical and professional information.”

Dekune added that Danhiko has one of the best and biggest computer labs and they hope to to introduce more technologies to the disabled.

“Our goal and mission will forever remain the same and that is the deliverance of quality education, training and production for the disadvantaged in society by creating employment or self-employment for them.”


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