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Dandemutande Launches Express Wifi, Internet Hotspots Powered by Facebook


Internet  Access  Provider (I.A.P) Dandemutande has rolled  up its sleeves in their  attempt to penetrate the  mass market in Zimbabwe,  a major shift  from their traditional elitist approach as they cast their  net  wider.

Speaking  recently at an event launch in Harare, Dandemutande  CEO mr Never Ncube  said that they have introduced  a new wifi hotspot facility  around the  nation, aptly dubbed Facebook Wifi.

watch the  event launch  here

This is their  partnership with  Social media giant  Facebook,  which provides the application software and  content management side  of the  platform,  while they  come in to bring  the connectivity infrastructure side.

The deal has seen Dandemutand dropping some wifi  hotspots and LTE base stations around  Harare as they  seek to reach  both  high  and low density communities in Zimbabwe.

The  biggest cache however is price, as many Zimbabweans are  moved on  affordability of internet access before they commit to any service provider while reliability is an experience they would rather take after engagement .

Their  highest  offer of 10g per  month is  going for $1 325, while  a Gig is  costing only $132, this is very interesting and highly competitive considering that its  way lower than the current mobile data monthly tariffs.

NetOne and Econet monthly  data  is currently pegged  at  $2 500 for 10g and $2020 for 8gig respectively.

However  the major disadvantage with Dandemutande in this  case would be availability of these hotspots,  vi sa vi to mobile, they are only going to  be stationed physically somewhere ,unless  their CPE begin to  support GSM quickly.

This simoly  means one will  need to buy a wireless router as a Customer Premise Equipment, (CPE) as  opposed to simply connecting with your already existing  mobile phone.

Dandemutande however said that their CPEs  are not for sale currently are  being given to clients  purchasing their data.

This  probably then calls for a comparison with other fixed internet service providers, although the Facebook Wifi has mobility effect on all hotspots  they are  dotting around  the country.



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